Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dark Galaxy: Emerge Playlist

Dark Galaxy: Emerge is all about self-discovery and acceptance. 
Within it, everything Alexia has ever known or believed of herself is broken apart only to be rebuilt by her own hands.
It's a hard road, but a mandatory one. As a result she becomes mentally and physically stronger than she ever imagined. Then there's the task of capturing the universe constructed within my imagination on paper. I tried to make sure I remembered all of this as I typed away. Yet on some days, it wasn't so easy to tap into. 
That's where music came in. The ultimate rescue. Whenever I have a writing block, I turn to painting, photography, film, exercising (I know, I do the most) etc. Nothing gets me back on track as fast as music. It's the ultimate time machine--past, present and future. You can re-live emotions and adopt your characters body and move them around--make them speak. It's beautiful...really.  
So, here they are, the songs that motivated me through my first novel--encompassing love, struggle, fight, victory, loss, whimsy, magic and wonder.

 The Used-- "Blue and Yellow"
 Goo Goo Dolls--"Dizzy"

 Goo Goo Dolls--"Iris"

 Brand New--"Soco Amaretto Lime"

 The Used--"Take It Away"

Taking Back Sunday--"What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost"

 Fiona Apple--"Paper Bag"

Fiona Apple--"The First Taste"

 Alicia Keys--"Diary"

Alicia Keys--"Butterflyz"

John Rzenik--"I'm Still Here"

 Garbage--"I'm Only Happy When It Rains"

 No Doubt--"New"

 Good Charlotte--"Once Upon A Time The Battle For Life And Death"

 Good Charlotte--"In This World (Murder)"

 Good Charlotte--"Misery"

Linkin Park--"Somewhere I Belong"

Linkin Park--"What I've Done"

 Erykah Badu--"Apple Tree"



 MGMT--"Electric Feel"

Paramore--"Brick By Boring Brick"

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